How to unblock Pandora outside the US with a VPN service?

Unlock PandoraUnblock Pandora Outside USA

With well more than ten million in 2010, Pandora is famous for streaming a wide range of music to users for free. Pandora has the rights to music from major and independent record labels such as Sony, EMI, Warner Music Group, and Universal. Yet for users outside its designated 14-country area, access to this exceptional service is blocked. Anonymous proxy and VPN services from TorGuard can unlock Pandora for these users, giving them access to the millions of songs they crave, regardless of their location.

Launched in October 2008, the company has spread its service beyond the United States to include 13 other countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Multiple devices can access the service, including mobile platforms such as iOS for the iPod, iPhone, and iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, and S60 (Symbian), and PCs using Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux.

Despite this expansion, expatriates and music fans anywhere else in the world are blocked from streaming Pandora’s music. Licensing constraints prevent the company from providing its services to the entire world.

The Virtual Private Network (VPN) is one of the most efficient ways to bypass regional, IP-based restrictions. Pandora blocks access based on the location of a user’s IP address. Once you establish a connection to a VPN server in the United States, you appear as through your computer is located in the United States. This lets you enjoy Pandora from anywhere. And compared to an anonymous proxy, a VPN is faster and offers increased privacy and anonymity.

Our VPN service enables users to bypass any ISP restrictions in order to stream blocked audio or video content. This includes popular television sites based in the United States and the UK that block access to these sites for anyone outside that country.

By purchasing a subscription from TorGuard VPN service and choosing one of our global servers, you ensure that everything you do on the web will appear as though you are doing it from a country you choose, unlocking Pandora, as well as countless other sites with television content.

Accessing Pandora with Our VPN Hides Your Identity

When you connect to one of our VPN servers or an anonymous proxy, you can change your IP to appear as if it originates from any country we offer. Once you connect, you benefit from an encrypted connection and a new IP address. Beyond bypassing geo-restrictions, this also protects your security and hides your browsing data, turning you into an anonymous internet user. So you can access Pandora to browse more safely.

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