How to watch Netflix outside the US with a VPN service?

netflix blockedThe world’s largest online DVD rental service

Netflix is one of the most famous on-demand media provider in the US. With more than 25 million streaming members, it’s the world’s leading Internet subscription service for enjoying movies and TV shows.

These medias are watchable on various devices, such as: WII, PS3, Internet-connected TVs, Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Android and Samsung Galaxy Tabs…

However, Netflix is only available for members in the United States, Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean and in the European countries (but only in a limited service edition). If you are stationed outside this area, the access of the website is blocked.

How to unblock Netflix outside the US?

One of the best solution to bypass the geo-restriction for Netflix is to choose a VPN service, which will create you an US IP-address.

Using a VPN application enhable you to select any IP location in accordance with the VPN provider you choose.

But first of all – a short explanation how unblocking Netflix works:

Due to legal and licensing issues, Netflix is not allowed to stream its program to specific countries. Therefore, IP adresses from these countries are blocked by a so called “geoblocking”. We dont want to overload you with information on how this technically works – the basic trick in unblocking Netflix in other countries is to get a IP Adress from a country where Netflix streaming is allowed, for example the United States – and stream all movies over the IP Adress / Server in this country to your PC, Smart TV, Tablet or any other device.

There are two different services for this purpose – one is VPN (Virtual Private Network) and the other is Smart DNS. Youll find a explanation about the differences of the two services a little down below. There are numerous providers for both services, Smart DNS as well as VPN. We have tested the fastest and most reliable ones in both areas and give you two solution: