Bitcoin Cash Airdrop to WCT Holders!

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Bitcoin Cash Airdrop to WCT Holders!

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Waves Platform has announced that there will be an airdrop to all holders of Waves Community Token (WCT) on February 22nd! They have 4 requirements in order to receive the airdrop:

  1. You need to generate a waves wallet with letters “B”, “C” and “H” in it, not necessarily in consecutive order;
  2. After that, you transfer your WCT there;
  3. Distribution is sent out to these new addresses proportionally to their WCT holdings;
  4. If the address contains the “B”, “C” and “H” letters in the consecutive order the address receives a double payout
    (The case of the letters doesn’t actually matter, and the old addresses with the mentioned letters in the right order are also eligible!)

Official post:

I personally have an old Waves account with the b, c, and h in lowercase out of order with WCT already in it, so I’m just going to put all my WAVES into WCT.

Note: in order for Airdrop to work, you need to exchange your Waves into WCT tokens. Otherwise, you will not receive a BCH.

I have several wallets that satisfy the given criterion.

I can sell them:

1. Wallet with letters BCH (all caps, in a row) – 0.1 ETH
2. Wallet with letters bch (all lowercase, in a row) – 0.09 ETH
3. Wallet with letters BcH (different letters, in a row) – 0.08 ETH
4. Wallet with letters ‘b’, ‘C’, ‘h’ (NOT in a row) – 0.05 ETH

If you have a desire, leave a comment below with your contacts for communication (preferably Telegram or Skype)